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Clevaland Public Auditorium

Public auditorium, situated in downtown Cleveland is also known as Public Hall. It was opened in 1922 and served as a convention center, sports arena and concert hall. The planning of public auditorium was made prior to World War I but the construction of the auditorium began in 1920. It was designed by Frank Walker and J. Harold McDowell in a neoclassical style. It was the largest auditorium when opened having 11,500 seats. Several additions to the auditorium were made including the Music Hall of 2,800 seats in 1929 and an underground convention center in 1932. Many hotels like Radisson Hotel Cleveland—Gateway, Renaissance Cleveland Hotel and Doubletree Hotel Cleveland Downtown/Lakeside are located by the auditorium.

In remembrance of its early concerts that are held in the auditorium, 75th anniversary of Cleveland Orchestra concert was held in the auditorium on 12 Dec. 1993. The auditorium has hosted many events including Rock and graduation commencements, Roll Hall of Famers and national convention. The auditorium was the favourite place for much rock music throughout its history, serving as the best place for performers like Madonna, The Beatles and R.E.M (American Rock Band). The completion of CSU Convocation Center declined the usage of the auditorium as a concert venue declined very quickly.

The entire mall was mined in 1964 for additional conference and automobile parking, and an entrance lobby designed in the modern style by Rode, Guenther, Bonebrake and Outcalt. The conference hall provided 26 meeting rooms each having a capacity to hold 10,000 people. The total cost of these additions was $17.5 million. These additions in the auditorium once again made the Public Auditorium the largest convention in the downtown Cleveland.

Architect Dominick Durante, in the mid-1970 designed a renovation for the convention facility and brought it up to date. The auditorium was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on 10 June. 1937.



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