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The Terminal Tower

The Terminal Tower

The Terminal Tower is a signpost skyscraper located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It was built in 1930 and it was second tallest building in the world when it was completed. It is 708 feet tall having 52 floors. It has 63-foot flagpole at its top, which makes the total height of the building to 771 feet.

The Terminal Tower in Cleveland remained the highest building until the completion of Key Tower in 1991.

Terminal Tower has castle-like steeple on the top, complete with detailed dome. At ground floor, the tower has thirty feet tall columns protecting the doors and windows of the main entrance. Tower exhibits other architectural features such as figured sculptures, raised first story, murals, arched windows, classical details, symmetry in design and innumerable other designs. Skylights and fountain catch the eye upon entering Terminal Tower.

There is an observation deck on the forty second floor which was a tourist attraction. It allowed visitors to take view about 30 miles in any direction. After terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 in New York City, the observation deck of Terminal Tower has remained closed.

In 1991, Terminal Tower lost its billing as the tallest building of Cleveland as Key tower was completed which is 888 feet tall. Key Tower is located just down the street from the Terminal Tower.

The Terminal Tower is a famous site for movies and it has been featured in many movies including Spiderman 3, The Fortune Cookie, Proximity and A Christmas Story.
There is magnificent Christmas lighting exhibit every year, both outside and inside the tower. Year around, the outside of the tower is lit in golden color, but has been occasionally changed for holiday or special events. The Tower is now residence to number of stores, movie theaters, offices, a hotel and train stations.

The Terminal Tower is still a classic piece of architecture from many years, so visit this tower on your Cleveland tour.




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