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USS Cod Submarine Memorial

USS Cod Submarine Memorial

Linked with Cleveland coast of Lake Erie, USS Cod Submarine Memorial is a National Historic Landmark that served during World War II and is famous for its crucial role in a triumphant battle against the Japanese at Subic Bay in the Philippines. The submarine was built by Electric Boat Company in 1942 and was concerned with the first submarine-to-submarine rescue in 1945 that saved the crew of Dutch submarine. Throughout its life span of job, the USS Cod Submarine was used to disfigure enemy ships as well as for fighting several underwater battles during the war.

During Cod’s third patrol, Dempsey’s last in command, Cod fought largest battle. Cod blazed three out of four harsh tubes at the Japanese destroyer named as Karukaya by unloading all six bow tubes at two columns of ships and troop transports. Both smoke loads collapsed and dozens of enemy sailors were elevated into the air. The enemy ship drooped in the middle, with both blow and stern rising, just as the second torpedo hit near the main pole causing the entire rear half of the Karukaya to crumble.

Visitors have an opportunity to view the USS Cod Submarine exactly the way it was during the war years as it has not been modified in any way. Cod opened as a memorial in May 1976 and opened for public tours and quickly established herself as a popular tourist attraction.

Today, the submarine is fully restored and open to the public as a naval museum and memorial to more than 3900 submariners who have sacrificed their lives in US Navy Submarine Force. The submarine is 312-foot, visitors have to board using the same hatches and vertical ladders that the original troop did.

Cod is the finest preserved submarines on display and is the single U.S. museum submarine. On the shore near submarine, there are number of other attractions which played the role of the standard anti-ship weapon during the Second World War, such as a Mark 14 steam-driven torpedo.

There is a small admission fee for visitors, which is used for the upkeep of the submarine. It is open for tourists from first day of May to the end of September from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



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