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Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center

Cleveland Ohio is well known for great attractions for residents and tourists. There is West Side Market, Cleveland Zoo and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which attracts the tourists. Great Lakes Science Center is a museum which is a great attraction center for the kids.

Great Lakes Science Center was opened in July 1996 whose signature exhibits concentrate in three major areas: Science phenomenon, technology and Great Lakes environment. There is an adjacent OMNIMAX theatre and interactive travelling exhibitions year-round. It has a car parking facility which has a capacity of 500 cars to be parked.

The Great Lakes Science Center is situated next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame near the lakefront in Cleveland. The Great Lakes Science Center worth 55 million that teaches kids about science and technology by using hands on interactive displays. There are over 320 different hands on experiments of the natural environments to experience on visit. For example there is “The Indoor Tornado” that simulates an actual tornado. The Indoor Tornado is 8 feet tall and childrens are able to reach and touch the tornado. “Shadow Room” is another exhibit of Great Lakes Science Center which teaches kids about photoluminescence. It shows the kids how a watch glows in the dark and how sea creatures see each other in the ocean. Great Lakes Science Center exhibits “Great Lakes Story” which kids about the formation of lakes and different creatures that live in it.


It exhibits Bridge of Fire with a static generator generating 200,000 volts of electric current that causes the shortest of hair to stand on end and the Polymer Funhouse, where kids and younger can pull, jump around and play with the stretchy polymer. The OMNIMAX theatre lets viewers explore the Mysteries of Great Lakes, Martian terrain and see the wonders of Ancient Egypt without leaving the theatre. The six-story domed and surround sound facility attracts the visitors as it teaches about the environment, about geography and even a human body.

Great Lake Science Center has Elements Cafe in which the visitors may dine. Elements Cafe has a full eatery service with Pizza Hut outlet, indoor as well as seasonal patio setting. The store of the Great Lake Science Center offers educational items such as games, puzzles, books and many more. Great Lake Science Center opens daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day between 10.00 am to 5.00 p.m.

Take your kid to Great Lakes Science Center which will help them to learn about science, technology and fragility of ecosystem through hands on interactive displays.



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