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Cleveland neighborhoods

Cleveland neighborhoods

Cuyahoga River and the Lake Erie influenced the development of Cleveland's neighborhoods based on where mills and factories were built along the lake’s shore and the riverbanks. In general, the western side of Cleveland became a working class, whereas the eastern side became the place for most of the wealthy and educated people to live. Downtown Cleveland became the railroad hub and financial district. The working class neighborhoods like Ohio City and Tremont are economically diverse. Getting to other neighborhood from the one generally involves a bridge, a railroad trestle, or a bridge.

Coventry Village


You can find best live music of Cleveland along with an active literary scene in Coventry village. Residential streets off Coventry Road and Mayfield surrounding Coventry village, are middle-class enclaves. It is an excellent starting or ending point to be paired with a visit to Lake View Cementry and University Circle. Coventry Village is just made for picking up creative inspiration, feeling smart and puttering.

Gordon Square Arts District

Gordon Square Arts District is located at the edge of the Ohio city and is the Cleveland's latest development story of success. Gordon Square Arts District neighborhood was once mostly working-class that fell into gang activity and urban decay in 1970. Some artists and entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity in Gordon Square Arts District's bone structure and revitalized it. Cleveland Public Theatre is being restored for local theatre productions and the Near West Theatre is built for the purpose of additional space for live performance. Gordon Square Arts District is at a walking distance from Edgewater Beach.


Downtown is a mix between modern skyscrapers, Victorian brick building, and Beaux-arts grandness became unworthy for business and people started fleeing towards suburbs in 1970 and 1980. Downtown came back in the early 1990 with hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and condos full of young professionals and transformed the empty buildings into unique destinations. Downtown, especially the Warehouse, Theatre districts and the Gateway are the places where most of the entertainment goes on.

The Flats

The Flats is one of the most historic and interesting sections of Cleveland which faced difficult time in keeping its economic footing. The Flats is a tribute to Cleveland's uniqueness. The Flats is located on both sides of the Cuyahoga River, Warehoused District. It is where the Moses Cleveland landed and many Irish pioneers settled. Irish Famine memorial is located next to the Centre Street Swing Bridge. The Flats was a hop club scene in 1990, which has grown dull and now the Warehouse is an occurrence mark.




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