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Cleveland's Irish Cultural Festival

Cleveland's Irish Cultural Festival

Cleveland’s Irish Cultural Festival is celebrating to save, honor and document of Irish Traditions and History. They enjoy the festival by gently rousing the harp to big shout and pomp of the pipe bands by playing firs soft song of love and then to the boom of rock bands and Celtic dancers. In all the Cleveland Irish cultural festival mostly focus on Irish music, dance, food and art for more than 29 year. It is one of the most popular summer festivals celebrated at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on July in Berea.

John O’Brien Sr. the founder of Cleveland Irish cultural festival celebrates it in order to showcase the traditions of his native land. By selecting the group of extremely dedicated volunteers, finally in 1982 John got his vision for a festival. More than 3,000 visitors rush to the festival on first two day.  After the celebration they arrange a festival committee for the discussion on the festivals and to develop the occasion for that summer. Due to their continuously dedication to the festival it has become premier Irish festivals in United States.

Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival is celebrated with live entertainment on nine stages with more than 20 acts and is scheduled form ballad singers to pipe bands to perform. Food such as hot dogs, funnel cakes and traditional fair food are includes at Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival. Other food items of Irish favorites like sandwiches of corned beef, Irish stew and Shepherd’s pie are also included in the festival. Beside, these food and music there are also various shows on the organized on this day. Shows like Irish dancing, Irish art show, dog show, children’s pony rides and petting zoo are also organized with more than 50 salesperson sells variety of Irish items.

The Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival start at 4pm on Friday till midnight, at 1pm on Saturday till midnight and form1pm to 11pm on Sunday and on Sunday at 11:30am there is additional open-air mass. Admission fee is about 10$ and it is free for children under ten year. People believes that celebrating this festival boasts such a tradition of wealth, literature, music and art and all are bounded together by the rich sense of community characterized by Irish.



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