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Cleveland's Rockefeller Park

Cleveland's Rockefeller Park

The Rockefeller Park in Cleveland is one of the national parks which focus on conservation history and the evolving nature of land stewardship in America. It was opened during late 19th century and is one of the highly admired parks in Cleveland. Today, future of the park is extremely brighter than it was before few decades.

Situated in Cleveland, Ohio, Rockefeller Park is named in respect of John D. Rockefeller, who was a well known oil magnate. The cultural gardens which fall in Rockefeller Park signify some unique and exclusive expression of historical landscape architecture. The distinctive design possesses some attractive masonry walls, stone terraces and some cultural icons statuary.

The beauty of this masterpiece motivates many photographers and artists to honor its scenic views. Doan brook, cultural gardens and Rockefeller Park Greenhouse are the most preferred places to visit in the garden. Rockefeller Park consists of picnic areas, walks, tennis courts, playgrounds and much more to visit.

Carriage road is the most attractive feature in the garden which allows visitors to enjoy and experience natural places in the area. The pleasant path passes through stone bridges, fields, meadows, rivers, wetlands and woodlands. Landmarks observed in Rockefeller Park possess two different entries in the National Register of Historic Places. One goes for cultural gardens, while other considered for architecturally historic bridges.

While on the tour to Rockefeller Park don't forget to visit following popular places, some are within the park while some are near the park area - a tropical orchid garden, cactus garden, a fern grotto and seasonal display which is stuffed with different colors of mums. The indoor display is awesome during November, which includes varieties of holiday plants such as Christmas cacti, poinsettias and many more. That's the reason why, it is considered as one of the most preferred destination to visit in Cleveland.



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