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Hiking in Cleveland

Hiking in Cleveland

Cleveland has everything that a hiker wants – great trails and beautiful scenery for an adventurous backpacking trip. Cleveland has hiking trails for everyone- from experienced hikers to families with small children to those who like to hike for fitness. There are many popular spots for hiking in Cleveland like -

Metroparks Hiking Trails – The Cleveland Metroparks have hundreds of miles of trails that are suitable for hiking. The trails are a great way of knowing the city and some of the most popular Cleveland hiking trails are -

  • North Chagrin – This hiking trail at the reservation is fully surrounded by nature and lets the tourist enjoy a wonderful day of hiking. Most of the hiking trails are not reachable by automobiles. Some of the trails are for beginners and some are quite challenging.
  • Big Creek Reservation – This reservation was created by glaciers that once covered the whole area of Ohio. The trail is not very challenging and includes a ravine on the northern part of Big Creek Parkway.
  • Rocky River Reservation – The hiking trails at this reservation are suitable for beginners and provide beautiful sight and great workout for visitors.
  • Hinckley Reservation – This area provides some wonderful picnic areas for families as well as some beautiful and wonderful hiking trails.
  • Brecksville Reservation – This reservation is an area of some endangered plants and has gorgeous views of nature that can be enjoyed by hikers.

Cleveland Metroparks also have programs in the winter season to explore the snowy trails and the frozen wonders of the season. In addition to the Cleveland Metroparks, the National Park situated in the Cuyahoga Valley is a unique and refreshing destination for hikers. The National Park consists of many species of plants and animals and is a real treat for those who love nature. There is also a hiking club with the help of which you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Cleveland.

Before going on a hike, one must do some advance planning to carry all the essentials required in hiking. So, don't forget to carry hiking footwear on your trip to Cleveland.



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