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Dining, Tipping and Cleveland Etiquettes

Dining, Tipping or Cleveland Etiquettes

A city which boasts of hard-working or resilient group of people, Cleveland or the ‘Sixth City’ has risen from the ashes or is still taking major steps towards the overall improvement of the city or its culture. Connected effectively to the world or to United States, Cleveland boasts of Ohio’s largest airport or the tipping culture of Cleveland is one to watch out for tourists coming via flights from all over the globe as tipping waiters is a widely practiced etiquette throughout the country as well as Cleveland.


Night Life in Cleveland


Cleveland has got an exciting nightlife with many good options to choose from. Clubs, bars, concerts, movies, discos, etc. - you can find a great place, to let your hair down and enjoy, in every part of the city.
Let’s check out some of the hotspots of the Cleveland

Warehouse District in Cleveland

Warehouse District is located in the heart of downtown Cleveland. The place is lined with latest clubs and restaurants where you can experience a great nightlife. Among the best are Mallorca, Blue Pointe Grill, Dvine Wine Bar, etc.




Cleveland is a huge city with a variety of attractive shopping sites, from Tower City to the new multiple-use shopping “cities”. Following are the most popular shopping destinations in Cleveland :

Beachwood place in Cleveland: Large Mall

It is a very big mall in the downtown of Cleveland. It contains vast variety of clothing shops as well as various novelty shops; you won’t see anywhere, like old navy or JC Penneys. It is build up around a central area with food court, while the stores branch out in every direction.


Cleveland Accommodation


What strikes first to visitor’s mind on tour is the question of best and luxurious accommodation. Cleveland exhibits a rich range of restaurants and pubs. The tourism industry of Cleveland has grown widely in recent years, and now the city is a major tourist destination. Standing in Ohio, along the shores of Lake Erie, the beautiful beach of Cleveland has been renovated. Cleveland is now successfully competing to be the best tourist destination among many of the American cities by featuring sports stadiums, spacious shopping malls, and superb museums. Other important and famous tourist areas in the city include Coventry, the Historic Warehouse, Lorain Avenue, the University Circle, Tremont and Little Italy.


Best time to visit

Best time to visit

Cleveland is an attractive and modernized city. Cleveland has various attractions such as the Great Lake Science Center, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Stadium, various malls and museums.

When to travel in Cleveland

Cleveland has a great atmosphere all over the year. In summer and winter, high humidity and heat waves are always present. Snow fall takes place in winter season. Spring has a changeable weather and may be quite chilly, rainy and cloudy.

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