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Dining, Tipping and Cleveland Etiquettes

Dining, Tipping or Cleveland Etiquettes

A city which boasts of hard-working or resilient group of people, Cleveland or the ‘Sixth City’ has risen from the ashes or is still taking major steps towards the overall improvement of the city or its culture. Connected effectively to the world or to United States, Cleveland boasts of Ohio’s largest airport or the tipping culture of Cleveland is one to watch out for tourists coming via flights from all over the globe as tipping waiters is a widely practiced etiquette throughout the country as well as Cleveland.

Although it’s not mandatory to offer tips to servers, there are some restaurants in Cleveland which clearly publicize that ‘Gratuity’ or ‘Service Charge’ will be added to the bill, if the waiter serves to a large group of people. If you travel via flights to the USA or Cleveland or hire a tour guide for yourself then just remember that you may have to pay your tour guide around 15% to 20% depending upon how effective his service was or how friendly or helpful his entire operations were.

As Cleveland can be termed as a city ‘under-development’ most of the staff members working in restaurants are paid much below the minimum wage levels, where they tend to make up the ‘lost amount’ in tips. According to a survey, some of the hotels in Cleveland including Baricelli Inn, Blue Point Grille, Don’s Lighthouse or many more accepted tips as well as the waiters shared the accepted tip with their co-workers. So, this directly suggests that the tipping amount would be significant enough or the tip around 15% of the total amount is generally handed out which may vary based on the quality of the service provided by the waiter as well as the restaurant. So, you may say that around 15% to 25% tip is customary if you receive outstanding service in your dining.

Just remember that when in Cleveland or anywhere in United States, you can calculate the dining service tip by ignoring the sales tax or instead calculating 15% on the entire bill of food or beverages. Again this ! a rule but a customary practice observed all over the country.



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