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Getting Around in Cleveland

Getting Around in Cleveland

Cleveland is one of the easiest cities to navigate in the world if you know about Cleveland transportation - The Hopkins airport, RTA buses and rapid trains in the city. The city was planned to have 'European Avenues' and has almost no one-way streets and the traffic is also not a major problem in the city.

Hiring a car is a convenient and easy way to travel around the city. The public transportation in Cleveland does not extend beyond the city, so hiring a car is the best option to explore the surrounding areas of the city. There are also many car rental companies in Cleveland which help you in traveling around. Parking is also not a problem because there are many car parks in the city and the car parking rates vary according to the location.

Cleveland's Regional Transit Authority (RTA) runs around 100 bus routes. The RTA Cleveland system covers the eastern, western and southern suburbs in Cleveland and downtown. There are loop buses which travel around the downtown area and are very convenient for shoppers.

The public rail transit system is known as 'The Rapid' consisting of two light rail lines, Green and the Blue line, and one heavy rail line known as the Red line. The Red line is a popular line with tourists connecting the Hopkins airport to the University Circle. The RTA added the Waterfront Line in late 1990s, that specifically caters to the needs of the tourists and connects the Tower City Center to Cleveland Browns Stadium, Flats Entertainment District, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center and the Burke Lakefront Airport.

If you are an adventure lover and wish to explore the hidden facets of the city, Cleveland also maintains bike trails for you to cycle through the city and enjoy your trip. The taxi services in Cleveland is also very efficient. Taxis can be hailed on the streets anytime but it is advisable that visitors call for a taxi and make advance booking. If you need to get around in Cleveland, it is very easy and the streets are easily navigable compared to other major cities.



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