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Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips

The city of Cleveland has a wealth of architecture, museums, historical attractions which make it very popular among the tourists. The cuisine, shopping and nightlife add to the appeal of this fascinating city. Cleveland has rejuvenated itself as a modern American city with many areas of interest for visitors. Here are some traveling tips for tourists traveling to Cleveland.

  • The city is very well connected to other important cities by air, trains and bus. There are many places in Cleveland which visitors will enjoy such as Rock and Roll Museum, Great Lakes Science Center, Playhouse Square Center, Botanical gardens and many more.
  • While planning your trip, you can get information about the tourist attractions in Cleveland from various online resources. There are also visitor information centers and traveling agencies which can also help you in getting information regarding the places that you should visit on your trip.
  • If you want to inquire about visa, you can check from consulate of the embassy for information specific to your country. Visitors usually need a non-immigrant visa for traveling to Cleveland and it is advisable to apply for the visa well in advance.
  • The city is located on the shores of Lake Erie and receives heavy snow during winters. Fall is considered as the best time to visit this city. So, plan your trip accordingly.
  • Many restaurants and public places in Cleveland follow the 'no smoking' policy. Smoking is also not allowed in public transportation in Cleveland like buses and trains. So it is better to confirm with the people around before you smoke in a public place.
  • Tipping is also common in Cleveland and necessary in many cases. Restaurants and taxi drivers expect a tip between 10-20 percent. So, if you are out in a bar and enjoying the nightlife, remember to appreciate their service by leaving a small tip.

Cleveland is a wonderful place where you will find many interesting places to see. With these tips, you can plan and enjoy your trip to Cleveland.



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